Community, Care and Laboratory are the three film’s essays created as a dialog based on archive footage from art residency’s events from the Kyoto Art Center and the Contemporary Art Center Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, revieved and edited during the mobility crisis in 2020.

Film by Pawel Mendrek, Bartosz Tobola, Ewa Zasada​, 2020, 18:29

To create an art residency space within a social structure requires trust, openness and a lot of empathy, as well as the readiness to share one’s resources. All this makes it possible to realise the dream about a world where there is a balance between acceptance and separateness. This world offers authenticity, permanent changeability and constant transformation. Despite its permanency, residencies undergo a constant process of self-construction and transformation. Their character corresponds with the instability of artistic existence and determines the work of the artists.

We assumed that the film will be produced in remote mode, so the authors and producers didn’t meet during the production process in person.

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Collaboratively produced film made by attendees of Chelsea College of Arts’ for 3rd Parallax Forum: Art, Society and Political Correctness.

Film by Conditions, 2018, 06:31

We had better use cones as cups is a collaboratively produced film made by attendees of Chelsea College of Arts’ CONDITIONS seminar (a weekly discussion group which, over breakfast, investigates theways art intersects with and is conditioned by its physical and ideological contexts). The film interweaves a mix of staged, incidental and surreptitious footage of the Chelsea studios with a collectively chanted invocation of activities and situations the students will have experienced during their time at the college. Chance correlations between the footage and the chanting echo the tensions between collective and individual, curricular and extracurricular experience peculiar to the art college environment.


The opening event. The first group exhibitions developed in Parallax network in new AFA building in Katowice.

Film by Dominik Ritszel, 2015, 05:24

The Parallax project between Katowice and Chelsea has afforded an opportunity to discuss thedifferent perspectives from which we view the art academy. Beyond that, what has given the project real meaning is that the discussions are enacted through the work made by the staff and student artists who have contributed to the projects.