Plymouth, United Kingdom

University of Plymouth Fine Arts

Fine art at the University of Plymouth offers a unique opportunity for students to follow theirown path through a range of subject areas and forms of expression. We offer a broad-based programme of study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the cutting edge of contemporary art practice. Studio practice lies at the core of our programs, alongside the development of theoretical and research skills, underpinned by international trips, regular exhibitions, open studios and a talks programme of visiting artists, curators and critics.

The Program and Strategy

Our BA, MA, Res and Phd courses offer a breadth of undergraduate and postgraduate research programmes, that are distinct in their focus on contemporary fine art practice, digital art and technology practice, transdisciplinary epistemologies, artistic ecologies, photographic and media art, as well as building performance research.

Lead Coordinator (2016-2021): Laura Rosser, PhD student and associate lecturer in Fine Art, University of Plymouth


Photo: Duncan Cameron