Community, Care and Laboratory are the three film’s essays created as a dialog based on archive footage from art residency’s events from the Kyoto Art Center and the Contemporary Art Center Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, revieved and edited during the mobility crisis in 2020.

Concept and realization by Paweł Mendrek, Bartosz Toboła and Ewa Zasada, 2020, 18:32

Content: To create an art residency space within a social structure requires trust, openness and a lot of empathy, as well as the readiness to share one’s resources. All this makes it possible to realise the dream about a world where there is a balance between acceptance and separateness. This world offers authenticity, permanent changeability and constant transformation. Despite its permanency, residencies undergo a constant process of self-construction and transformation. Their character corresponds with the instability of artistic existence and determines the work of the artists.

We assumed that the film will be produced in remote mode, so the authors and producers didn’t meet during the production process in person.