The show discloses these unique networks, showing a multidirectional interplay of the Academy and the external environment

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In many instances, works and activities – presented in BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice – are the ones that the Academy’s employees engage themselves in their so-called (but not really) spare time. It might be a source of extra income or just their pastime, something that they willingly commit their time and energy to – and some artists make a point of sometimes using the media or technique that is outside the scope of their usual work at the Academy.

Moreover, the exhibition reveals various relations that the Academy’s employees have with the local community and institutions, and shows the initiatives that they join in. We can see how different places and activities benefit from their competencies and creative endeavors.

Unidentified Zone discloses these unique networks, showing a multidirectional interplay of the Academy and the external environment, although not exclusively artistic one – artistic groups are still perceived as keeping to themselves. The presentation highlights important and useful projects, yet not necessarily the spectacular or celebrated ones. They are works that have been realized with real passion, but they would not benefit their authors in terms of credit points . That being so, the exhibition contributes to the ongoing discussion about the development strategy for the Academy within the next 10 years – including the possibility of abandoning the current employee evaluation system and, instead, finding ways to verify the real achievement of educational goals.

POST by Parallax Network seeks to uncover the common areas of interest which artists are currently exploring. The project uses some of the modes of sharing and dialogue that have been adopted over the period of the
Covid-19 pandemic to construct and organize the exhibition, reflecting the dynamics of the way images are brought together online and exploring its translation from the virtual to physical gallery space. A dialogue around what unites and connects artists’ practices is intended through the interaction of works and the conversations that emerge. The title of the show, POST, refers to word’s multiple meanings and associations: the act of ‘posting’ images online; sending something via the post; the root of the word poster; and something that has happened previously. In this case the show takes place at a time that we hope to be able to describe as post-pandemic, and asks how the interests, themes and ideas that artists are working on have changed since the periods of relative isolation and trauma of the C-19 pandemic.

Artists: Judyta Bernas, Jan Dybala + Piotr Ceglarek (Biuro Dzwieku Katowice), Katarzyna Fober + Bartłomiej Polak (KUFA.Design), Jolanta Jastrzab, Magdalena Kilarska, Michalina W. Klasik, Bogdan Kosak, Aleksander Kozera, Barbara Kubska + Anna Sielska + Paulina Urbanska (ABC Tychy), Pawel Mendrek + Martin Newth + Dave Beech (Parallax Network), Hanna Sitarz-Pietrzak, Joanna Zdzienicka-Obalek

Photos [+]

Visual identity: Anna Kopaczewska, Agata Kujda
Scenography: Dominika Zlobinska
Technical support and set up: Dominik Skiendziel, Pawel Watroba
Coordination: Pawel Szeibel
Parallax Coordinator: Pawel Mendrek
Photos: Barbara Kubska