The show discloses these unique networks, showing a multidirectional interplay of the Academy and the external environment

Space: BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice

Time: March, 2022 – April, 2022

Curator: Magdalena Kreis

Content: The interdisciplinary exhibition, presented in showcases artists and designers associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice while providing an insight into projects, activities and realizations that go beyond the scope of the curriculum. Participants have been chosen through an open call addressed to the community of artists working for the Academy. The most interesting works turn out to be the ones that are slightly incompatible with the curricular parameters and consequently, they might not be properly appraised if standard academic statistics had been applied. [ more ]

Artists: Judyta Bernas, Jan Dybala + Piotr Ceglarek (Biuro Dzwieku Katowice), Katarzyna Fober + Bartłomiej Polak (KUFA.Design), Jolanta Jastrzab, Magdalena Kilarska, Michalina W. Klasik, Bogdan Kosak, Aleksander Kozera, Barbara Kubska + Anna Sielska + Paulina Urbanska (ABC Tychy), Pawel Mendrek + Martin Newth + Dave Beech (Parallax Network), Hanna Sitarz-Pietrzak, Joanna Zdzienicka-Obalek

Photos [+]

Visual identity: Anna Kopaczewska, Agata Kujda
Scenography: Dominika Zlobinska
Technical support and set up: Dominik Skiendziel, Pawel Watroba
Coordination: Pawel Szeibel
Parallax Coordinator: Pawel Mendrek
Photos: Barbara Kubska


Post-residential exhibition developed for CSW Kronika

Space: CSW Kronika, Bytom

Time: December, 2019 – January, 2020

Curator: Agata Cukierska

Content: On 27 July 1960, while addressing a group of a few hundred Republicans, the then President of the USA, Dwight D. Eisenhower enumerated the disastrous effectsof the prosocial policy in Sweden, associating socialism with excessive sexual freedom, alcohol abuse and the highest suicide rate in the world. To some extent, Eisenhower’s speech, verging on what is today referred to as fake news, was based on the provocativeessay by Joe David Brown, titled “Sin and Sweden”, published in 1955 in the Times Magazine. In the text, questioned by experts and violating the press code of ethics, Brown presented a one-sided image of a country guided by dubious moral standards and its secularised society deprived of Christian values. Brown also used limited statistical data concerning, among others, the access to and the rate of abortion as well as some inconsistent information on the teenagers sex education programme introduced in Swedenas a pioneering project. To Eisenhower and his Republican audience, the statistics made Sweden a perfect example of socialism bringing about the fall of a nation. [ more ]

Artists: Sally Charlesworth, Rosie Dahlstrom, James Duffy, Mary Evans, Ben Fitton, Katrine Hjelde, Jolanta Jastrzab, Karolina Konopka, Travel Agency (Pawel Mendrek, Malgorzata Szandala, Ewa Zasada), Gloria Lopez-Cleires, Gary Marshall-Stevens, Reyhaneh Mirjahani, Eleanor Neason, Martin Newth, Johanna Oskarsson, Beate Persdotter Loken, Rasmus Richter, Laura Rosser, Second editions (Elizabeth Peebles and Marcus Eisenmann), Alexander Stevenson, Kolbrun Inga Soring, Veera Rustomji, Milosz Wnukowski

Publication [+]

Photos [+]

Visual identity: Marcin Wysocki
Exhibition production: Agata Gomolinska-Senczenko
Technical support and set up: Dominik Skiendziel, Pawel Watroba
Coordination: Pawel Mendrek, Maddie Leach, Martin Newth, Laura Rosser
Photos: Barbara Kubska


Heading South is an exhibition that marks the culmination of a semester-long International Studio at AFA Katowice entitled ‘Looking and Re-looking: Hybrid Processes and the Nature of the Encounter’ by Martin Newth.

Space: Common Space, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Time: 24/30 May, 2019

Curator: Martin Newth

Content: Heading South is an exhibition that marks the culmination of a semester-long International Studio entitled ‘Looking and Re-looking: Hybrid Processes and the Nature of the Encounter’. Experimental use of technologies (bothnew and old) and an analysis of the process of production have formed the focus of our discussions since early March 2019. The group of 9 artists have developed new work and collaborated on every aspect of this exhibition. Its title Heading South implies more than one meaning. [ more ]

Artists: Karolina Fabia, Karolina Gwozdz, Janina Janicka-Grabowska, Magdalena Lacek, Jakub Padula, Klaudia Pisarek, Aleksandra Rajnisz-Podlaska, Magdalena Sendek, Konstanty Stanczyk

Video [+]

Poster: Klaudia Pisarek & Aleksandra Rajnisz-Podlaska
Film by Magdalena Grunwald, 2019

WRO Biennale 2019 / Cells of Culture

Screening of film works from Chelsea College of Art, HDK-Valand. Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice & open discussion about the academy’s key position within this social and cultural development.

Space: Bakery, Center of Performing Arts Wroclaw

Time: 22 May, 2019

Co/curators: Pawel Mendrek & Martin Newth

Content: A series of short film works, made by artists from Poland, the UK and Sweden is the basis for a dialogue. The films have been brought together as a conversation, where the selection of each film constitutesa response to the previous one. The starting point is Antonina Konopelska’s ‘Libertango’ film, which initiates a discussion about the relationship between student and professor, and the current conditions informing the experience of art education in Europe. Using the film conversations as a means to draw out key differences and similarities in approach the discussion will ask what the future holds for art education and the potential for international collaboration.

Artists: Conditions, Adelaida Antunez Egurbide & Alfie Gibbs, Magdalena Grundwald, Klaengur Gunnarsson, Antonina Konopelska, Emily Mulenga, Dominik Ritszel, Noa Weinstein, Lishuang Xu

Screening’s program [+]

Photos [+]

Image: screening view, video still by Noa Weinstein


ZUPÄ is an exhibition that marks the culmination common exchange project and art residency at AFA Katowice and HDK-Valand. Academy of Art and Design

Space: Rotor Gallery, Gothenburg

Time: February, 2019

Self-curated exhibition

Content: In February 2019 a group of 6 students went to Gothenburg in Sweden. They went there to create a collective exhibition, start, breath fresh air, eat masses of liquorice, cinnamon rolls, spicedherrings, tubed cheese and compare the products with those sold by IKEA in Poland. As a person brought up at the Swedish kindergarten Smalandia at the Katowice IKEA I have become an expert in eating Swedish rolls, squeezing cheese out of a tube right intomy mouth and plaiting braids with a wire, Pippi Longstocking’s style. The conversations at the table resulted in the ZUPÄ (Polish term for soup) exhibition, whose plan was not fully known to us. It had just one, simple principle – interaction. [ more ]

Artists: Emely Hansson, Stephanie Johansson, Jakub Kazimierczak, Karolina Konopka, Zlata Labedz, Magdalena Lacek, Gloria López-Cleries, Johanna Oskarsson, Alexandra Papademetriou, Emanuela Pawlowska, Beate Persdotter Loken, Rasmus Richter, Magdalena Sendek, Åke Sjoberg, Kolbrun Inga Soring, Alexander Stevenson

Photos [+]

Text: Karolina Konopka & Magdalena Lacek
Photo: Pawel Mendrek


Photobook workshop for students. The participants were asked to interpret different workshops topics – Wunderkammer, Self Publish, Be Happy! Art, Society and Political Correctness.

Space & time: University of Plymouth 13 – 15 March, 2018 / AFA Katowice 15 – 16 November, 2018 / HDK-Valand. Academy of Art and Design,
Gothenburg    26 February – 2 March, 2019

Workshop leaders: Barbara Kubska & Katarzyna Wolny

Content: Provenby growing popularity of art book and photography fairs (London Book Fair, Miss Read Berlin, NY Book Fair), photobooks are recognized as one of the most important recent photography medium. They attract attention of both mainstream photography magazines (f.ex. British Journal of Photography, Lightbox Times’a, Lens Culture) as well as self publishing movements. Workshop participants were asked to interpret different workshops topics – Wunderkammer, Self Publish, Be Happy!, Art, Society and Political Correctness. We wanted them to interpret the topics as widely as possible – from various phenomenons connected with the idea to very direct interpretations. [ more ]

Students/artists: Monika Balukeviciute, Anna Cichoń, Gloria López-Cleries, James Duffy, Jessica Ekström, Danny Everton, Camila Rojas Fritz, Adam Garratt, Magdalena Glodowska, Agata Gromada, Miina Javadzadeh, Vera Jörgensen, Aleksandra Kulus, Caitlin Littlewood, Jude Bryson-Meehan, Paulina Michalska, Reyhaneh Mirjahani Mohammadabadi, Alexandra Papademetriou, Tonie-Carol Patchett, Jess Plowright, Will Ruff, Katarzyna Sobczak, Bethany Thomas, Natalia Wielgus, Wioletta Wojciechowska, Chloe Amber Wright, Kirsten Wrig


‘Prawo serii: Agency of Error’ is an exhibition that marks the culmination of three weeks long art recidency at AFA Katowice by Dr Thomas Baugh and PhD candidate at Plymouth University Laura Rosser.

Space: Strefart Gallery, Tychy, Poland

Time: April, 2018

Co/curators: Laura Rosser, Thomas Baugh & Pawel Mendrek

Content: In April of 2018 we were to conduct a one-month residency, which was enriched by supervising diploma students who were majoring in inter-media. The residency combined the production of art practice with acritical exchange between supervisors and students, in the context of a progressive art and design education, and, provided a valuable space to expand on the dialogue that surrounds the significance of human and nonhuman error in contemporary art practice. Moreover, our experience resonates with theorist Estelle Barrett’s (2010) position regarding practice-led research, in that she argues that a studio based enquiry, which adopts diverse, interdisciplinary and emergent methodologies,as a mode of knowledge production, has the capacity to generate new ways of externalising knowledge – where practice and discourse perform together. Barrett goes onto suggest that knowledge is generated through action and reflection where the artist-researcheris actively engaged in finding a solution to a problem, even if the efficacy of the context is undetermined, and in flux. Importantly, the inter-media studios at ASP provided us all; students and supervisors, with a critical space for experimentation and discourse.

Artists: Thomas Baugh, Katarzyna Bogucka, Ellie Daniel, Magdalena Kieszniewska, Mateusz Kokot, Karolina Konopka, Cristina Lifford, Magdalena Lacek, Iza Leska, Patrycja Modrzynska, Gabriela Panicka, Klaudia Pisarek, Laura Rosser, Hanna Wozniak, Ewa Zawadzka

Photo: Barbara Kubska


First group exhibitions developed in Parallax network has afforded an opportunity to discuss the different perspectives from which we view the art academy.

Space: AFA Katowice and Triangle Space, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London

Time: June/July, 2015 and October, 2016

Co/curators: Pawel Mendrek & Martin Newth

Content: The Parallax project between Katowice and Chelsea has afforded an opportunity to discuss the different perspectives from which we view the art academy. Beyond that, what has given the project real meaning is that the discussions are enacted through the work made by the staff and student artists who have contributed to the projects. The shows further opportunity to consider the nature of the art school and for artists from Katowice to respond to the context of showing in London. For Parallax 1, at AFA Katowice, the prevailing means of was to print work onto huge vinyl stickers that could be attached directly to the walls. This created a material link between the architecture and the artwork. For Parallax 2 the predominant mode was projection offering further opportunity to illuminate, expose or subvert the architecture of the building.

Artists: Gill Addison, Dave Beech, Jo Bruton, Sebastian Buczek, Andrew Chesher, Ben Fitton, John Flindt, Grzegorz Handerek, Andrew Hart, Serena Huang, Katrine Hielde, Lukasz Jastrubczak, Robin Jenkins, Aga Jot, Lucy Joyce, Aram Khas, Dominika Kowynia, Roman Lewandowski, Maciej Linttner, Pawel Mendrek, Rafal Milach, Marianne Murray, Martin Newth, Marian Oslizlo, Colin Priest, Dominik Ritszel, Anka Sielska, Martyn Simpson, Hanna Sitarz, Malgorzata Szandala, Leslaw Tetla, Andrzej Tobis, Chris Wainwright, Paulina Walczak-Handerek, Adam J B Walker, Polly Welsby, Ken Wilder, Joanna Zdzienicka

Image: Sloganball, Courtesy Freee Collective